Author feedback

Thanks to…Tiffany Yates Martin at FoxPrint Editorial for your wise advice in early and late drafts.

Erin Flanagan Deer Season

Erin Flanagan

Deer Season, 2022 Edgar Award winner--Best First Novel; finalist, Midwest Book Award for Fiction; Macavity Award nominee; Publisher's Weekly starred review

My developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin, is a dream come true. There were moments when I thought this project was slipping through my fingers, and she jumped with me into the trenches, offering abundant and brilliant guidance. From helping me find the exact purpose and direction of the story to your incredibly wise and subtle suggestions that served as last-minute brushstrokes to bring a painting to life, this book is far better because of you. Thank you, my friend.

Boo Walker Singing Trees

Boo Walker

The Singing Trees

Thanks, also, to my agent, Jill Marsal, as well as to my patient editors, Chris Werner and Tiffany Yates Martin, who take the lumps of coal I turn in and help me turn them into diamonds. In this case, their insight helped me stay on track with the story I wanted to tell.

Jamie Beck For All She Knows

Jamie Beck

For All She Knows

Some say a book is only as good as its editors, and if that’s true, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the best…. Tiffany Yates Martin piloted my story into safe harbor, with notes and suggestions that have proved invaluable.”

Daniel Pyne Water Memory

Daniel Pyne

Water Memory

Special thanks to Tiffany Yates Martin for her incisive edits delivered with humor and grace.

Sonja Yoerg The Family Ship

Sonja Yoerg

The Family Ship, Publishers Weekly starred review

To the deeply talented Tiffany Yates Martin for yet again walking beside me on the editing journey and deftly guiding this story to levels beyond my expectations.

Memories in the drift Tori Whittaker

Melissa Payne

Memories in the Drift, Booklist starred review, #1 Amazon bestseller

A particular thanks to Tiffany Yates Martin, who had an inordinate amount of confidence in my capabilities and said, ‘What if we did the craziest thing ever?’ and then we actually did it. I would not have had the courage for this book on my own.

Kate Moretti The Girls of Brackenhill

Kate Moretti

The Girls of Brackenhill, Publishers Weekly starred review

I am indebted to my developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin, who saw potential for a resonant work of art when it was rough marble, and whose invaluable feedback helped me sculpt this novel into shape.

Purple Lotus Veena Rao

Veena Rao

Purple Lotus, American Fiction Award winner, International Book Awards finalist, Newsweek, Ms., and Travel + Leisure magazine featured pick

Thank you for all the hard work and good ideas! I think this story is so much more solid now after your input.

Problem Child Victoria Helen Stone

Victoria Helen Stone

Problem Child, Publishers Weekly starred review

I credit…Tiffany Yates Martin, the best developmental editor, who over a year helped bring the book from good to published. A friend told me that working with Tiffany would be like taking a mini MFA, and they were right.

Exit Strategy by Lainey cameron

Lainey Cameron

The Exit Strategy, #1 Amazon Charts bestseller, winner 2021 American Fiction Award in the Women's Fiction category

I’m wildly grateful to…Tiffany Yates Martin, who help[s] make my work shine so much brighter.

When We Bleieved in Mermaids by Barbara O'Neal

Barbara O'Neal

When We Believed in Mermaids, Amazon Charts, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller.

Thanks…to my patient editors, Chris Werner and Tiffany Yates Martin, whose keen eyes made this book so much stronger.

Truth of the Matter by Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck

The Truth of the Matter (Publishers Weekly starred review)

I am so appreciative…to Tiffany Yates Martin for helping me dig into the story’s emotional layers.

Tori Whitaker

Millicent Glenn's Last Wish, International Book Award finalist, 2020

I’m honored to work with…Tiffany Yates Martin of FoxPrint Editorial. [Her] wise input…showed me the way to fully realizing the heart of Lily and Marvena’s story.

Jess Montgomery The Widows, Kinship Road mystery

Jess Montgomery

The Widows, 2019 Pulpwood Queens Book of the Year, Ohioana’s Readers’ Choice Award in fiction

My deep gratitude to Tiffany Yates Martin for providing valuable editorial guidance yet again.

Camille Pagán, This Won’t End Well

Camille Pagán

This Won’t End Well, Library Journal starred review

Tiffany Yates Martin, as always, took my early drafts and turned them into something even better than I initially envisioned.

Allison Winn Scotch Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing

Allison Winn Scotch

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing, New York Times bestselling author

Tiffany Yates Martin, your let us in and what’s he thinking? notes nearly kill us every time but they elevate our books to a place they simply wouldn’t be without your editorial expertise.

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke How to Save a Life

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

How to Save a Life

Enormous, vast buckets of thanks to developmental editor Tiffany Yates, who pushes me hard to do my best work.

ONeal Lost Girls of Devon

Barbara O'Neal

The Lost Girls of Devon, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post bestselling author

To my developmental editor extraordinaire, Tiffany Yates Martin, I joke that I want to start a fan club themed entirely around your awesomeness, but what you don’t know is one already exists. Every author I’ve met who has worked with you sings your praises, and I know why—you rock. Obviously. Thank you for your honesty, guidance, and most of all patience. It is a joy working with you.

Emily Bleeker, What It Seems

Emily Bleeker

What It Seems, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

It’s such a blessing to work with someone creative in her solutions and eagle eyed in her perceptions. I feel like we achieved a great result and that through the process I needed only make a peep and you’d be at my metaphorical side. Thanks again!

Overdue Life of Amy Byler Kelly Harms

Kelly Harms

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler (Washington Post and #1 Amazon charts bestseller)

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tiffany Yates Martin, my developmental editor, for forcing me to dig deeper and find the treasure trove of emotions hidden beneath the surface.

Emily Gone Bette Lee Crosby

Bette Lee Crosby (USA Today bestselling author)

Emily, Gone (2020 International Book Award winner in women’s fiction)

This book wouldn’t have been written without…my long-suffering, awesome editors, Tiffany Martin and Liz Pearsons.

Rachel Caine Stillhouse Lake

Rachel Caine

Stillhouse Lake (New York Times/WSJ/USA Today bestselling author)

To my developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin, you are a-m-a-z-i-n-g at what you do. You have been the very best writing teacher but, more than that, a treasured friend.

DiMaio The Beautiful Strangers

Camille Di Maio

The Beautiful Strangers

To my developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin—thank you over and over again for your patience and hard work. This was a fun one, wasn’t it? I’m always so eager and grateful for your insights and guidance. I love seeing a manuscript transform into a novel as we work together through the editing process.

Emily Bleeker The Waiting Room

Emily Bleeker

The Waiting Room (Wall Street Journal bestselling author)

Tiffany Yates Martin! We don’t want to gush for fear you might make us rewrite it! In all seriousness, we do appreciate when you push us to be our best. You are a talented and insightful editor, and we’re lucky to work with you. And know that we will forever think of our characters’ inner lives as we write.

Tiffany Yates Martin, your ability to help polish a rock into a diamond continues to amaze me; thank you for your wise editorial input.

Camille Pagan I'm Fine and Neither Are You

Camille Pagan

I’m Fine and Neither Are You (Washington Post and Amazon charts bestseller)

Your insights and ideas for the book are instrumental. Every time you make the story better. Thank you for always being such a true pleasure to work with.

Sejal Badani The Storyteller's Secret

Sejal Badani

The Storyteller’s Secret (Amazon Charts, USA Today, and Washington Post bestseller)

Thanks to sharp-eyed editor Tiffany Yates Martin for making me dig deep.

James Hankins A Blood Thing

James Hankins

A Blood Thing (USA Today bestselling author)

Tiffany Yates Martin provided editorial insights that elevated the plot and characters beyond my initial musings and in ways that I could not have done on my own. Thank you, thank you. It was a joyous collaboration.

Allison Winn Scotch

Between Me and You (New York Times bestselling author)

To our editor, Tiffany Yates Martin—your smart observations were spot-on and made this book so much better than we could have imagined!

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

The Good Widow (Amazon charts bestselling novel)

You have an attentive eye but strive to retain the author’s voice, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Steven James

The King

Tiffany Yates Martin—working with you was my grad school.

Renee Shafransky

Tips for Living

To Tiffany Yates Martin—oh, girl, you handle the hard work like nobody’s business! Two books in together, your words haunt my dreams and my writing sessions….You make me better in many, many ways.

Camille De Maio

The Way of Beauty

Tiffany Yates Martin, this book almost died a slow, painful death, but you faithfully brought it back to life. Collaborating with you is always a dream, and I so admire your ability to mold and shape a story until it’s living, breathing, and magical.

Rochelle Weinstein

Somebody’s Daughter (USA Today bestselling author)

Big, gigantic thanks go to my developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin…. She saw the potential…asked all the questions that made me dig deeper and deeper and deeper until I wrote what you have in your hands now. I compared it to a literary root canal. I think I made her laugh with that comment. Thank you for the education. I hope to carry it over into future books.

Camille DeMaio

Before the Rain Falls

Your thoughts and ideas on Trail of Broken Wings were invaluable and helped me to see things that I hadn’t before. Thank you for your help, insight and a wonderful working relationship—I sincerely appreciate it. I so look forward to working together again soon.

Sejal Badani

Trail of Broken Wings, (Goodreads Best 2015 Fiction Finalist and USA Book Awards Finalist)

To Tiffany, my ever-faithful content editor, you are incredible, amazing, uplifting, and hilarious. Thank you for reading my god-awful first draft and not laughing in my face or telling me to get a job. Thank you for reading my endless e-mails where I ranted and raved and had mini-meltdowns and generally acted like the neurotic writer I try so hard to hide. Let’s face it: There’s no hiding from you.

Ania Ahlborn

The Bird Eater

Tiffany Yates was an eagle-eyed line editor.

Jennifer Weiner

Goodnight, Nobody (New York Times bestselling author)

Tiffany Yates Martin, you are an editorial genius who can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Your humor and calm in the midst of technological mishap and your insight into the very heart of a story bring out the best in a writer.

Joy Jordan-Lake

A Tangled Mercy (#1 Amazon bestseller)

Tiffany Yates Martin, your hard work and input while editing Working Fire has been priceless. Thank you for helping me make this story all it could be and inspiring some crucial and truly beautiful changes. It was an honor to work with you.

Emily Bleeker

Working Fire (Wall Street Journal bestselling author)

‘An author is only ever as good as their editor’—never has this been truer than in the case of Food of Love. To this end I owe a BIG thank-you to the wonderful Tiffany Yates Martin. Thank you, Tiffania Teaseblossom, for patiently adding the fairy dust!

Amanda Prowse

Food of Love (million-copy bestselling author)

Tiffany Yates Martin, editor extraordinaire, whose guidance and insights were joyfully collaborative and insightful, and who helped elevate the book from something I was pretty happy with to something that I am truly proud of.

Allison Winn Scotch

In Twenty Years (New York Times bestselling author)

Tiffany Yates Martin, thank you doesn’t begin to cut it; this story owes so much to your guidance.

Camille Pagán

Forever Is the Worst Long Time (RT Reviews Top Pick; Amazon, InStyle, and Real Simple best book of the month)

I have never had an editing process that felt so non-invasive and it really, really made it all better…. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for making my book better.

Amulya Malladi

A House for Happy Mothers (Redbook Summer Book Pick)

More thanks fired in the general direction of Tiffany Yates Martin, my beloved developmental editor, who works hard to make sense of the incoherent soup I send her.

Camilla Monk

Beating Ruby

It was a privilege to work with Tiffany Yates Martin, developmental editor extraordinaire.

Marilyn Rothstein

Lift and Separate

This story owes so much to you. Thank you for your wise and witty editorial guidance.

Camille Pagán

Life and Other Near-Death Experiences (#1 all-category Kindle bestseller)

It has been a real pleasure working with you. You’ve taught me so much about the editing process, and I hope we get another chance to operate together again. I can’t say enough about the many ways you made me think, restructure, revise, pull from deep within, and pull my hair out. It was challenging, but again, a truly gratifying experience.

Rochelle Weinstein

Where We Fall (USA Today bestselling author)

Tiffany was a lifesaver: thorough, precise, and meticulous.  She was exactly what my much-altered, much-muddled manuscript needed.  And her insights gave me a couple of sleepless nights—because they were so spot-on—and my book was all the better for them.

Sherry Thomas

His at Night (RITA Award winner, Best Historical Romance)

Working with Tiffany was like getting a boost to the left side of my own brain so that I could visualize a very important structural change that improved my novel exponentially. That and she caught that I’d gotten the colors of an Igloo cooler wrong! Tiffany is the editor you always dreamed of: intent upon helping you express your vision, ultra-professional, and a joy to work with. Writers struggling with structure, voice, marketability, subject/verb agreement, look up Tiffany Yates. She’s THAT good….

Sarah Bird

The Gap Year

My gratitude cup runneth over for…Tiffany Yates Martin, for helping me develop the manuscript into a full-fledged novel, and doing it with sensitivity, insight, and humor.

Elisa Lorello


Thanks for all your work on [The Last Dreamer]. You’re an outstanding editor. You saw so much in the manuscript that I didn’t even realize might be there, and your comments hit just the right tone—thoughtful and motivating but never overbearing or confusing.

Barbara Solomon Josselsohn

The Last Dreamer (#1 Kindle bestseller in women's fiction)

To Tiffany, my superstar content editor, you’ve ruined me. Your direct uplink into my brain is a scary thing. How did I ever live without you?

Ania Ahlborn

The Neighbors

Given Oblivion’s Altar’s idiosyncratic complexities, I was totally amazed by what came back after Tiffany’s work. Not only was my manuscript edited and corrected, in many cases, Tiffany had even re-researched for the accuracy of Cherokee spelling and grammar. . . . Not only did my work flow better after Tiffany’s edit, I also knew that it was right. . . . Oblivion’s Altar went on to win one award for historical fiction, and was even a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award (which is a miracle for any Texas writer). Tiffany Yates had a lot to do with the book’s critical and commercial success.

David Marion Wilkinson

Oblivion's Altar (Oklahoma Book Award finalist, Spur Award winner)

[Thanks to] Tiffany Yates Martin, of FoxPrint Editorial, whose vision shaped this book.

Sherry Thomas

The Luckiest Lady in London

My endless thanks go . . . to my editor Tiffany, who respected my vision and helped me elevate this story to levels I never expected.

Thank you so much for all your work—you have amazing insight and the capacity to help make a book much, much better than an author ever could on her own, without taking over the vision for the story. Which makes you THE BEST of editors, in my ‘book.’ It’s been wonderful working with you. Thanks, again, Tiffany, for your kind words and every good thing you helped me dig deep for in (and weed out of) COML!

Anna DeStefano

Christmas on Mimosa Lane

Thanks first and foremost to Tiffany Yates Martin, whose brilliant editorial guidance helped transform a sketch of a story into a novel. Tiffany, I literally could not have written this without you.

Camille Noe Pagan

Woman Last Seen During Her Thirties

I was so fortunate to have found you. You absolutely made all the difference in how my story in this book was presented, and I am so appreciative of all that you taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stacey Urrutia

Making Angels

[Tiffany] understood my vision and helped me transform the pieces to make the whole exactly what I’d hoped it could be.

Kathleen Long

Broken Pieces (USA Today and WSJ bestselling author)

Tiffany Yates Martin at FoxPrint Editorial, I’m lucky I found you. As far as editors go, you’re like the Albert Einstein of editing. You have a genius eye for detail and an impeccable knack for finding issues within the chronology of a story. I learned a lot from you and I hope this is the first of many books we can work on together.

Kim Lehman


I told [my agent] how incredibly helpful your edits—and especially your margin notes—have been to the rewriting process. I told him that he was going to be shocked by how much better it will be.  It’s hard to express what an improvement I’m already seeing—in concision, coherence, character motivations, showing-versus-telling, etc., etc. . . . I recommended that David use you with all his clients.

Ray Balestri

The Green, the Black, and the Deep Blue Sea

I just wanted to thank you for the terrific edit you did on Act of War. You made so many good catches!

Jack Cheevers

Act of War

Your approach is not only gracious, but thorough, and much appreciated by us both.

Claire Gerus

(Claire Gerus Literary Agency)

. . . [My client] is beyond thrilled with your work. I’m reading the new draft now, and it’s amazing how much better it is!

David Hale Smith

(InkWell Management)

I just wanted to let you know that I learned a great deal from your comments. Wish I’d talked to you before I ever wrote a word. . . . If I am ever fortunate enough to get established as a writer I will definitely hire you again. You are a real talent. My writing and my understanding of how a novel should be constructed were immeasurably improved by your input.

Joel Barrows Poisoned Waters

Joel Barrows

(Poisoned Waters)

I really enjoy working with you very much, as I deeply respect your insights and the sensitive, introspective way in which you offer critique that strives to bring out the strengths of the manuscript and make it more powerful. Thanks for getting me unstuck. You’re amazing at what you do. . . . You are the complete package–a developmental and line-by-line editor that truly understands the nuts and bolts of writing as well as the craft.

Barbara Dzikowski, The Moonstoners

Barbara Dzikowski

The Moonstoners