Services and Prices

I have enormous respect for authors and their work. My editorial approach is positive and constructive, but exhaustively thorough: My job is to hold up a mirror to every crevice of your story so that you can get a full, objective view of what’s on the page (versus what blanks you may be filling in, in your head, as the work’s creator), and to help you find ways to strengthen, tighten, and polish so that your finished manuscript is as effective as it can be, and true to your vision.

All edits and consultations work to contract, with firm quotes and payment information agreed upon before work begins. You will work directly and only with me—there’s no “farming out” of your manuscript to other editors, and our contract includes confidentiality of your material. Deadlines are agreed upon prior to working together and spelled out in the contract, so all work is completed when promised. I also build follow-up time into each contract, which authors may use for any questions, clarifications or elaborations, or simply to bounce ideas around.

Work with Me

Unfortunately I currently have very limited availability for new clients–but please feel free to inquire (contact box below). In any case I’m always happy to hear from authors and answer any questions I can. And I’d love to connect via my newsletter, where I offer weekly posts on writing craft and life, resources, info on upcoming workshops and presentations.

And if you’re looking for an editor, please download my free 13-page Get It Edited!, an extensive guide to how to find, vet, and work with the right editor for you and your story.

Working with an Editor

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with an editor, this conversation with four authors whose books I’ve been privileged to work on–Liz Fenton, Lisa SteinkeCamille Pagan, and Rochelle Weinstein–offers a glimpse into each of their editing and revising processes.