Analyze Like an Editor!

Analyze Like an Editor Workshop
The best way to learn to improve your own writing and storytelling is to analyze other people’s.

However, no matter how good someone else’s work is, passive reading (or watching) won’t magically elevate your own skills as a writer. You have to learn how to actively pinpoint what makes those stories successful (or not) with an objective, analytical eye. That’s not just a core skill for editors to learn—it’s the bedrock of every writer’s craft.

In these live casual interactive sessions (they’re free!), we’ll dig into books, movies, TV shows, articles—anything, really—to hone these essential skills. As a group, we’ll dissect concrete craft techniques to understand how the storyteller uses them effectively (or not) to bring the story to life and elicit reader reactions.

Check out a playback of one of the workshops here.

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