Lyn Liao Butler Tiger Mom's Tale FoxPrint Editorial

How Writers Revise: Lyn Liao Butler

This month I spoke with author Lyn Liao Butler, whose debut, The Tiger Mom’s Tale, releases from Berkley Publishing this Tuesday, July 6, with her follow up, The Red Thread…

What If You Don’t “Succeed” as a Creator?

This weekend my husband sent me this post from his favorite cartoonist, Nathan Pyle, and it unexpectedly made me tear up. I was spending the weekend going over the final…
Ania Ahlborn How Writers Revise Foxprint Editorial

How Writers Revise: Ania Ahlborn

Ania Ahlborn is a welter of contradictions–a funny and warm woman with disarmingly wide anime eyes and a charming elfin appearance who writes absolutely terrifying horror novels. Her first, Seed,…

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