How do authors protect their writing

How Do You Protect Your Writing?

“Is it safe to share my writing?” “Do I need to copyright my work?” “How do I stop piracy?” “Are writing contests worth entering?” How do writers protect their work?

How to Find Author Voice

What Is Author Voice—and How Do You Find Yours?

“Voice” is much broader than just actual vocal tone—it encompasses an artist’s sensibility and style, the way they communicate and express themselves, their recurring topics and themes. Yet I hear many authors say they don’t know what their voice is, or how to create one.

Jamie Beck the Beauty of Rain

Jamie Beck and Operating from Authenticity

Early in author Jamie Beck’s career, she wrangled a problem most writers imagine they would love to have: Her first contract was for two books, a stand-alone debut and a second book she had written as the first of a planned series. Weeks before the release of that second book, she was offered another contract for a sexier contemporary romance series, and quickly found herself writing seven days a week to keep up with a packed release schedule.

Photo by Fernando Jorgeon, courtesy of Unsplash

The Wall of WTF

Getting past the Wall of WTF starts with understanding that it’s just a stage—a normal one in the process of creation.

How Writers Revise