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Editorial services:

Substantive/Developmental: This is a comprehensive, wide-ranging, deep-dive edit that considers and evaluates all aspects of the story: plot, character development, structure, stakes, pacing, dialogue, style, voice, etc. Some of the exhaustive questions considered are:

  • How well does the story work, overall? Does it hold together from beginning to end? Are dramatic tension and conflict sustained throughout? Is the payoff satisfying?
  • Is the manuscript structured in a way to give the story maximum impact and flow? Are there “dead zones” in forward momentum?
  • Are the characters and their actions believable? Are all the story questions answered and resolved, all loose ends tied up? Are there holes in logic, consistency, or sense?
  • Are the stakes high enough to keep readers invested? Consistent? Urgent?

In addition to my embedded comments throughout the manuscript, you will also receive a separate—and very extensive—written editorial letter: the big-picture comments about the overall content, structure, and form of the manuscript. The letter serves as an overview of the areas where you might polish, develop, or clarify the story and, in conjunction with the specific embedded notes, serves as a very clear “blueprint” for approaching revisions.

I offer single- and multiple-pass edits (see rates below).

Overview edit: Similar to the above, as far as considering the big-picture elements of the manuscript, but encompassing an editorial letter only. Without the embedded notes this is a less in-depth and specific editorial pass than the full developmental edit, but still a thorough evaluation of a manuscript's overall strengths and areas of possible weaknesses that may be well suited for authors looking to get an objective, experienced editorial overview prior to publication or submission. 

Line edit: A line edit addresses sentence by sentence the author’s style, consistency, tone, echoed words/phrases, awkward or clunky narrative or dialogue, organization, syntax, extraneous words, word choice, etc. Areas that need clarification, tightening, or other improvement are queried in embedded electronic comments for the author to address.


  • Developmental edit single-pass rates range from 3.5 to 4.5 cents per word (.035 to .045), with the exact quote settled before work begins. Higher rates apply for developmental edits that include multiple editorial passes of author revisions on a contracted manuscript (determined prior to contracting, in a firm quote).
  • Overview edits bill at an hourly rate ($50-60/hour); quote provided upon sample edit.
  • Line edits $45-55/hour; quote provided upon sample edit.

Sample Edits/Quotes

To help you decide whether FoxPrint is a good fit for your manuscript, I offer new clients a sample edit of up to 1,000 words, along with a firm quote. Please send an excerpt from a midpoint of the manuscript in industry-standard format (double space, one-inch margins, Times New Roman or Courier font) to me here.

I also build follow-up time into each contract, which authors may use for questions, clarifications or elaborations, or simply to bounce ideas around.

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