Read (and Watch!) Like a Writer: How to Improve Your Own Stories by Analyzing Other People’s

Join me for this FREE two-hour introductory course and let me show you how to deepen your mastery of story craft to become a stronger, more skilled writer and self-editor—without ever touching the keyboard (or even getting off the couch!).

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Using specific examples from books, TV shows, and movies, I’ll show you how to take in stories in a whole new way, with an objective assessing eye, to clearly identify a story’s strengths and weaknesses so you can translate that skill to creating and honing your own manuscripts.

You’ll also learn to identify the concrete techniques storytellers use to create specific reactions in readers and viewers, like building emotional investment, hooking readers and keeping them hooked, and creating rock-solid plots that keep readers guessing—so you can learn how to use them in your own writing to create a tight, effective, compelling story.

This course also helps with one of the biggest challenges for writers—editing their own work—by showing you how to gain the objectivity you need to see what’s actually on the page, versus the version in your head.

I’m Tiffany Yates Martin.

In my publishing career working as a book editor on hundreds of manuscripts—both published and prepublished; for major publishers as well as indies; bestsellers and newer authors—I have more than 25 years of experience in seeing what can keep an author’s story from being as effective as it can be, and what makes it marketable and competitive.

As an editor as well as a teacher leading workshops and seminars in writing and editing across the country, I’ve developed clear, useful, hands-on tools for helping authors learn to spot these areas, along with practical techniques for addressing them, and I share those techniques in my online courses.

Tiffany Yates-Martin Editor